Woman Faces 19 Counts Of Forgery

By: GPK Media

A woman claiming she had performed her required community service hours for a second DWI arrest is back in jail. Police learned that she had forged the documents turned into the court and the DWI Prevention Program.
Claudia Mosqueda, 25, of Truth or Consequences, turned in two documents to the Sierra County Magistrate Court claiming she had worked 19 hours of community service in July and another 24 hours of community service in August. When court staff called the Income Support Division (ISD) they learned Mosqueda did not work the hours as reported on the sheet, and had not been at the office since March.
Further investigation by NMSP Officer A. Laux revealed that Mosqueda had not only falsified the dates and times that she worked, but also signed off on the hours with a supervisor’s initials on some of the times and the signature of another supervisor on others….