Undercover Stings Lead To Four Arrests

By: GPK Media

By Frances Luna | SENTINEL

In two separate undercover investigations conducted by the T-or-C Police Department, four Truth or Consequences residents have been arrested.

According to court documents, T-or-C Police were contacted by an individual who stated they were being threatened by a Michael Perez for an outstanding debt. The individual stated he had obtained marijuana on credit and was supposed to pay Perez for the pot after selling it to a third party.

Perez was said to have been threatening the individual with physical harm if the debt was not repaid. The T-or-C Police Department agreed to pay the debt in exchange for the individual allowing them to monitor and record the repayment.

In February, Detectives White and Lanford met with the reporting party, who sent a text message to a phone number believed to be Perez’s girlfriend indicating he had the money. Within minutes the unidentified individual was told to take the money to an address on Maple Street.

The individual, with detectives trailing him, made his way to 618 Maple and was approached by a young man, later identified as July D. Grijalva. Grijalva and the individual had a lengthy conversation, where Grijalva told him that that he and Perez had gone to the individual’s home to collect the money. They threatened physical force against the individual and his roommate, who was home at the time. Grijalva relayed to the individual that he was to accept the $100 owed for the pot and would give it to Perez.

For the incident, arrest warrants were obtained for Perez, 22, of 651 Morgan, T-or-C, on charges of extortion, distribution of marijuana and two counts of conspiracy. Grijalva, 21, of 508 Maple, was charged with two counts of conspiracy as well, one for extortion and the other for distribution of the marijuana.

In a second unrelated investigation, T-or-C Police Detectives set up an undercover buy in April using a confidential informant who had the ability to purchase marijuana and prescription medications.

On April 20, the informant went to a home at 580 West Sixth where he made contact with Steven Romero. Romero and the informant had been texting for a few days about the purchase of an ounce of marijuana.

Romero told the informant that he would offer a break in price so that the individual could make a little money on the resale of the drugs. When asked about the possible purchase of oxycodone, Romero stated he didn’t have any on him at that time.

Romero and his girlfriend, Kristen Sanchez, along with the informant, went into the kitchen, weighed out an ounce of marijuana, was given $380 for the pot and the informant left……