Two Students Arrested For Selling Pills At HSHS

By: GPK Media

The case of a girl who became ill at Hot Springs High School last week has resulted in the arrest of two fellow students who are said to have been selling prescription drugs at the school.
A tenth grade student admitted to police that she purchased a pill from her friend, Tristen Sanders, between classes and took the pill. The girl allegedly fainted a short time later, which drew the attention of school staff.
Before the end of school, staff had contacted T-or-C Police Sgt. George Lee, who serves as the school resource officer, and pulled Sanders out of class for an interview. Accompanied by her parents, Sanders, 14, admitted to investigators that she had in fact sold some pills to students during the day. She explained how a fellow student, Josh Escobar, gave her a handful of pills and told her to sell them so they could make some money. She stated that Escobar had given her “round green pills” the previous day to sell.
According to police reports, Sanders told police that she had taken one of the pills that morning before selling any of them and had spent …