Thieves Team Up In Shoplifting

Police beat

Two women who allegedly joined shopping forces were arrested after they failed to pay for more than $950 worth of items from Wal-Mart Saturday, Jan. 25.
Truth or Consequences Police officers were called to the store after a store manager stopped the females outside with stolen merchandise in their possession.
Court documents filed against Marie T. Smith, 61, and Cecilia F. Nodal, 28, both of 405 E. Second, indicate more than $950 worth of merchandise was found between the two. Smith was reportedly found to have 85 different items totaling $882.64, an empty box cutter, magnetic pin used to deactivate security strip on items and several pair of scissors and other cutting devices.
Nodal was said to have five items worth $69.01 and additional empty Wal-Mart bags believed to have been taken to the store with the intent of filling with merchandise to appear as though they had been paid for.
Police searched Smith’s purse and found the instruction papers for a Bluetooth device, and the Bluetooth was found in the shopping cart among the other stolen items.
Both ladies were taken into custody and Smith’s bond was set at $10,000 cash or surety. Nodal, who is out on conditions of release on a previous case, submitted to a drug test and reportedly tested positive for BZO, amphetamines and meth, and subsequently is being held without bond.