The Critters In Town

By: GPK Media

By Kacie Welty for THE SENTINEL

I lived in Dusty for 14 years and never did we have the problems with skunks, raccoons, squirrels and fox as we have now living in town.

We moved to the Foch Street hill in July, and let me tell you, in the first three months living there we had city animal control help us trap three skunks and seven raccoons, along with two squirrels.

Recently, one more raccoon was caught. There is a family of foxes living on Foch hill too, but we haven’t had any problems with them getting too close to have to be caught and released.

If you drive out to Ash Canyon going towards Engle and see a herd of such critters, it may be because this is where they are released when caught in town. Keep your eyes out; you might even see a deer on Foch St, as some have reported.

While substitute teaching at the school this week, there was a skunk problem under one of…