Turtle Flies For New Year


New Year’s revelers gathered at T-or-C’s Healing Waters Plaza for the annual ascent of “Theresa Tortuga” (inset), denoting the transition to 2018, Sunday evening, December 31. A record number of participants joined for this year’s celebration, which began with a procession from the T-or-C Brewing Company that safely delivered Theresa to the plaza.Those on hand were fortified against the chilly night air with an ample supply of warming food and refreshments offered by Friends of the Carole Wheeler Dog Park and Doggies in the Desert. Local musical group “Cat Alley” was also on hand and kept circulation flowing with a steady stream of toe-tapping favorites. Organized to coordinate with the currently more-famous ball-drop at New York’s Times Square, Theresa Tortuga ascended above Healing Waters Plaza at precisely 10 p.m. local time. Joining for a countdown and a resounding cheer, everyone appeared to enjoy the unique new tradition and happily welcomed-in 2018 together.