Reaching Out With Love


Amid construction of a new facility, a management changeover and what has become the most widespread flu season in recent memory, Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH) staff members have dug a little deeper and joined to share some Valentine’s Day love with a group of Sierra County’s most valued citizens. Spearheaded by patient activities director Gretchen Kruger, the effort engaged staff from every department and encouraged them to express their creative spirits by crafting spe-cial Valentines for residents of the New Mexico State Veterans Home (NMSVH). Wednesday, Feb-ruary 7, Kruger (above center) snagged two of the team’s crafters, Tracy Pedroncelli (left) and Victoria Luna, who took a moment from their duties to show off some of the Valentines on display in SVH’s main hallway. As of Wednesday, Kruger said the staff had completed over 110 individual messages and were nearing the goal of delivering one to each of NMSVH’s 145 veteran residents by February 14.

EB Hospital Clinic To Close


Following an extensive closed-door executive session November 15, the Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH) governing board returned to their regular public
meeting and rendered decisions on several important issues.
•In response to numerous billing problems and other apparent concerns, board members approved a motion to close the hospital’s Elephant Butte clinic effective immediately. Earlier in the regular session during public comment, the board heard statements
of concern about billing errors, as well as to whether, or not, the clinic licensed with the state. While acknowledging persistent billing issues
with the clinic, it was noted the facility did hold a
state license, but was not certified as an independent billing entity. This no doubt factored greatly in the many reports of billing errors hospital authorities have received over recent weeks.

Changes Made In SVH Leadership


During closed-door executive session discussions Wednesday, September 6, Sierra Vista Hospital’s (SVH) interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Donna Muder, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Steve Stewart and Executive Secretary Kathy Elverum all tendered their resignations, effective immediately.
This action prompted a direct response from the governing board once members resumed the afternoon’s regular public session.
Upon reconvening the regular meeting, board members first affirmed that only items on the agenda were discussed during the executive session and that no decisions were made.
Following this statement, governing board members approved a motion to postpone consideration of items remaining on the regular meeting agenda until September 13 except for Item 26-4, which pertained to hospital leadership management.

SVH Construction Poised To Begin

SVH Prep

Contractors unloaded several pieces of heavy equipment and began site preparation for first phase construction of Sierra Vista Hospital’s (SVH) new facilities Monday morning, July 17. The project’s initial phase will include relocation of the hospital’s helipad, construction of new parking facilities, as well as a variety of preliminary tasks that will pave the way for major construction in phase-two of the initiative. With equipment arriving the east side parking lot will be closed for at two weeks. Clinic patients are encouraged to use the front parking lot and a shuttle service will be provided to the clinic.

Hospital Strives To Steady Ship


In a special meeting of the Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH) Governing Board June 12, members reviewed a proposed final operational budget for the 2018 fiscal year (FY), and agreed to move forward with an independent examination of recent hospital financial transactions. While no action was taken regarding either issue, board members indicated they would be considering formal decisions on both during their upcoming regular meeting July 26.
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Steve Stewart presented the board with a proposed final budget for FY 2018 and joined with Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Donna Muder in assuring members that every step is being taken to trim costs, while a focus is also being maintained on quality patient care.
In response to a request from Elephant Butte representative Tony Rivera earlier in the session, board members agreed to postpone formal consideration of the budget until their next regular meeting.

Hospital Boards Get Financial Update


Sierra Vista Hospital’s (SVH) governing board and Joint Powers Commission (JPC) met in separate sessions Wednesday, June 28, and the focus of both bodies was squarely upon financial concerns left in the wake of former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mike Zimmerman’s recent resignation.
Governing board members gathered first at 1 p.m. for their final regular meeting of the fiscal year. After accepting several public comments criticizing recent billing, and other aspects hospital operations, members moved on to a financial report for the month of May.
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Steve Stewart began by noting that SVH recorded a solid cash increase of $142,990 and saw the important “Days of Cash on Hand” figure increase to 43.6 in May. This figure denotes the number of days full operations could continue without any realized income.

SVH CEO Resigns

Issues surrounding the management of Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH) continued to mount, as the governing board's May 31 regular meeting culminated with the resignation of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mike Zimmerman. This development and a series of other internal matters prompted the governing board to roll up their sleeves for an extended executive session.

Issues surrounding the management of Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH) continued to mount, as the governing board’s May 31 regular meeting culminated with the resignation of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mike Zimmerman.
This development and a series of other internal matters prompted the governing board to roll up their sleeves for an extended executive session.
In addition to the now vacant CEO position, the afternoon’s agenda included planned closed-door discussions concerning staff attrition, satisfaction, and performance, as well as hospital leadership concerns. The board’s executive session further included discussion concerning a list of sub-contractors for the first phase of the hospital construction project, which was tabled during the regular meeting.

Simmering Issues Boil Over At SVH


You choose; suspicions about financial mishandling, worries about the substantial debt Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH) poses for the community, brinksmanship, politics, personal issues, or recent solar events? Whatever is driving present interactions between SVH’s Joint Powers Commission (JPC), governing board and administrative staff has yet to be revealed through the public discourse offered during recent hospital board sessions. Aside from curt comments, raised eyebrows, scowls and an obvious effort by all parties to maintain confidentiality about the issues at hand, both the JPC and governing board have offered the public very little toward identifying the source of all the smoke that seems to have been increasing in density of late.

Management Firm Selected

warren cross

With a unanimous vote January 4, the Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH) governing board endorsed a motion to approve a construction management contract with Salt Lake City, Utah-based Layton Construction Company. The agreement assures that officials with Layton Construction will take the lead in overseeing development of the new hospital complex.
During the board’s December 2 meeting, Chairman Warren Cross expressed reservations about the proposed management contract, which he noted was a departure from past practices. At that time, Cross said he felt the proposed agreement might open the door to SVH potentially having to shoulder subcontractor management responsibilities.