Solid Rocket Motor Manufacturing/Test Facility Developed At Spaceport America


Spaceport of America

If predictions turn out to be accurate, 2018 could be the year Spaceport America (SA) could begin making positive headlines again.
Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Bran-son recently announced plans to launch his commercial spaceflight operations in 2018, after a four-year delay due to an unfortunate loss of his spacecraft during testing over the Mojave Desert.
And last week, UP Aerospace, another SA tenant, and Caroni Aerospace, announced a recently created state-of-the-art solid rocket motor manufacturing and testing facility at SA.
The test facility was completed in less than a year, with the completion of three full-scale Space Loft solid rocket motor static test firings. These tests verify new high-performance motor casing and insulation manufacturing techniques, and substantiate the automated, remotely controlled propellant mix and cast processing facilities, according to reports in the new Space Propulsion Center (SPC) is co-owned and operated by the two companies, and is located adjacent to the UP Aerospace Sub-Orbital Space Launch Complex.

County Eyes Legislative Cuts

Chris Lopez

Sierra County Commissioners attended to full agenda of regular business items and annual necessities January 25, but a recurring theme centered on pending and anticipated funding cuts emerging from the state legislative session in Santa Fe.
During department reports, significant reductions in annual funding for the Sierra County Regional Dispatch Authority and DWI Prevention Program were confirmed, which commissioners were told was leaving staff members searching for ways to maintain regular services.