Caballo Man Arrested

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Utilizing social media, police have once again nabbed an older man asking a younger girl for nude pictures.
The Sierra County Sheriff’s Department arrested Michael W. Johnson, 22, of Caballo, on February 12 at the Louis Armijo Park when he arrived to meet the 15-year old girl he had been messaging on social media.
Criminal charges against Johnson indicate that during conversations with whom he thought was a 15-year old girl, Johnson asked if she was confortable being with an older guy, told her he loved her and asked if she would be comfortable having sex with an older guy.
Johnson asked if he could meet the girl and hang out at Ralph Edwards Park and even offered to meet the girl at her home in rural Sierra County. Court records indicate that Johnson described to the young girl, in detail, what he wanted to do with her when alone and stated that he would not wear a condom.

2 Co-Workers Arrested For Embezzlement

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Two former employees of Lynn’s Landscaping have been charged with embezzlement and conspiracy to commit embezzlement after police believe they worked together to take equipment from their boss to use on side jobs, as well as charged items to his company account at a local hardware store for their own benefit.
In November, Lynn Cramerer reported to the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department that he was missing numerous tools and equipment from his shop. A week later a woman called Cramerer saying that she had hired two of his employees, Cheyenne Grijalva and William Fry, to do some work at her residence and they hadn’t completed the job. Furthermore, the woman reported she was missing items from her home.
Through the course of the month-long investigation, SCSD Lt. Baker questioned Grijalva and Fry individually, who eventually admitted to taking items from their boss to do side work on the weekend with the intentions of returning the equipment.

Police Find Wanted Man Hiding Between Mattresses

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Sierra County Sheriff’s Deputies ended up arresting three individuals while trying to find another at a Mercury Street address Wednesday, Oct. 4.
According to charges filed in Sierra County Magistrate Court, deputies were attempting to locate Robert Barrett Jr., 26, who had just been released from custody within recent days on a plea agreement with the state. Barrett had been charged with possession of a controlled substance, resisting, evading or obstructing an officer, possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana among some traffic violations in September of 2016.
It was upon his release that Barrett was supposed to immediately report to the Adult Probation Officer. Instead he found himself once again in trouble with the law and the subject of an active arrest and hold warrant by the department of corrections.

Man Faces Racketeering Charges + 73 Others

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Bond has been set at $500,000 cash only for a 69-year-old Williamsburg man who faces 74 felony charges stemming from his alleged investment scam in Sierra County. In January of this year, the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department, assisted by agents from the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau, detonated 40 pounds of explosives at 602 S. Broadway in Williamsburg. The ATF had received information about the 40 pounds of explosives being kept at the shop by Nicholas V. Fleming as part of his mining operation. In addition to the 40 pounds of explosives, blasting caps, dynamite, detonation cords and an improvised explosive device were also located at the shop.

Felon Found With Guns

Robert Ugsang

A convicted felon from California has been arrested for being in possession of firearms after information was obtained during an investigation.
The Sierra County Sheriff’s Department Immediate Response Team (IRT) executed a search warrant at the Elephant Butte home of Robert Ugsang, 50, Monday, January 31 after obtaining information that Ugsang was likely in possession of firearms, despite being a convicted felon.

2 More Arrested On Drug Charges


The Sheriff’s Department, as a result of their ongoing drug investigation, arrested two long-time residents of Sierra County within the past week on separate drug charges. In August, three purchases of methamphetamine were made from Lynetta Sullivan, 55, at her home at 600 Rodeo Arena Road. As a result of those drug buys a search warrant was obtained for her home.

School Officials Turn In Used Needles, Arrests Made


Sierra County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the Truth or Consequences Elementary School after three syringes were found in the kindergarten hallway. Using surveillance footage, school officials determined that only three students, all girls, had been in the hallway at the time.
Before calling police, staff questioned one of the children who indicated that the other little girl and her family had moved in with her and her mother. Later that same day a fourth needle was turned in off a bus, where it had been found stuck in a seat. A review of school bus schedules revealed two of the young girls ride the bus where the needle was located…