County Censures Former Clerk


With    a unanimous vote Tuesday, February    21, Sierra County Commissioners approved Resolution 105-078, formally censuring former county clerk Connie Greer. Board members took this action after agreeing Greer’s conduct prior to leaving office clearly violated the county’s established code of ethics.
Prior to the action, county manager Bruce Swingle explained how before she left office at the end of 2016, Greer deliberately erased a significant amount of data, records and files from the department’s computers, and returned machines to factory settings. He reported the former clerk eliminated spread- sheets and other established documents, and indicated the action severely hindered cur- rent county clerk Shelly Trujillo’s transition into the office.

More Road Upgrades Schedules

Lago Road Upgrades

During his regular report at the Sierra County Commission’s January 25 meeting, Road Superintendent Nathan Gustin outlined several road improvement projects slated for the coming months. In doing so, he urged commissioners to examine a recently completed project (above), which delivered long-awaited paving and drainage improvements along the Lago Road access to the Monticello R.V. Park.

County Eyes Legislative Cuts

Chris Lopez

Sierra County Commissioners attended to full agenda of regular business items and annual necessities January 25, but a recurring theme centered on pending and anticipated funding cuts emerging from the state legislative session in Santa Fe.
During department reports, significant reductions in annual funding for the Sierra County Regional Dispatch Authority and DWI Prevention Program were confirmed, which commissioners were told was leaving staff members searching for ways to maintain regular services.

County Affirms Call For FS Inquiry

With a unanimous vote September 20, the Sierra County Commission approved Resolution No. 105-030. This measure followed through with the board’s previous decision to stand against the U.S. Forest Service’s (FS) actions in the federal agency’s recent adoption of the Gila Travel Management Plan.
Over the past several months, commissioners have consistently raised concerns and following FS adoption of the travel plan, echoed many county residents in questioning both the agency’s procedures and the decision to move forward with forest access restrictions.

Meeting On Forest Service Monday

Please attend a public meeting sponsored by the Sierra County Commission on Monday, August 15 at 6 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Albert Lyons Event Center in Truth or Consequences at the Sierra County Fair Grounds.
The U.S. Forest Service has severely restricted the use of public lands for hunting, fishing, camping, mining, ranching, outfitters, guides and any and all pubic recreation.

Area Forest Service Travel Management Plan Introduced

While not included on the Sierra County Commission’s June 14 meeting agenda, accommodations were made for commissioners to receive a timely report from National Forest Service representatives…