EB Forwards SDR Activity


As has been reported, Elephant Butte City Councilors approved a series of action items during a March 29 special meeting, which affirmed the board’s decision to proceed with acquisition of the Sierra del Rio (SDR) golf course and facilities.
During the board’s April 5 regular meeting, councilors further approved a resolution (16/17 121), which formally established a new enterprise fund (597) for the golf course, and included a transfer of approximately $250,000 from the city’s general fund account.
City Clerk Treasurer Karen Rieth confirmed that request for proposal (RFP) process was underway, which was seeking potential operators for the golf course, clubhouse bar and restaurant, or a combination thereof.

EB Town Hall Airs Out SDR Offer


Elephant Butte city councilors were joined by a large contingent of community residents for a special town hall meeting Wednesday afternoon, March 8. Filling the city’s community center to capacity, the crowd was on hand to learn more and to share their views about a proposal, which could allow the city to acquire the Sierra del Rio (SDR) golf course.
After welcoming everyone to the session, mayor Eunice Kent offered a presentation highlighting the history and other details about the proposal from Turtleback Mountain Partners (TMP). The mayor’s presentation also examined impacts the city might realize by either accepting, or refusing the offer.