School Board Votes Against 4 Day Week


You could hear a pin drop. The room was just that silent. The school board had just voted. For a full minute or more people looked around. It seemed like no one outside the board knew what had happened. Finally a couple voices spoke up. “What just happened here?” The question was amplified by stirrings from a confused audience that was not at all sure what had just been proposed and passed by the board.
Without looking at the hundred or so members of the community still gathered, the board said that they had voted to accept the version of the school calendar for the coming school year that mirrored the current calendar, but included Fridays.
It was only then that everyone understood that the board had rejected the proposed four-day school week plan. The room erupted into shouts. Some present shouted out in anger,

T-or-C Schools To Try 4 Day Week


The District Municipal School Board held a working meeting Wednesday, March 1 to hear presentations that looked at the option of a four-day school week for T-or-C Schools. The four-day plan has been under review and discussion for quite some time now, and there has been a trial run scheduled for this spring since current school calendar was finalized last year. In April, when students return after parent conferences it will be to a week that does not include Friday classes.
The board heard presentations from Shelli Montoya, representing the local National Education Association, the negotiating body representing the teachers, and Shara Montoya, who also has been working on this issue. Both are teachers at HSHS. They also heard presentations from Paul Beniot formerly the Superintendent of the Floyd Municipal Schools, near Portales, and Aaron McKinney from Tucumcari Schools. Both went to a four-day plan over a decade ago.