City Holds On Shelter SCRDA

City of Truth or Consequences

The Truth or Consequences (T-or-C) City Commission received an audit report and approved the final 2017/2018 Fiscal Year (FY) budget during their July 26 regular meeting. While members did vote on several other action items, they opted to postpone consideration of a controversial women’s recovery program shelter and set aside any immediate action pertaining to the city’s participation with the Sierra County Regional Dispatch Authority.
Commissioners conducted a formal public hearing into a proposal from T-or-C resident Phyllis Mecca, which seeks a special use permit to develop a woman’s recovery program shelter at 819 North Date Street, formerly the Oasis Motel.
Following “battershell procedures” which ostensibly ensures all concerned parties have an opportunity to speak and cross-examine all other participants, commissioners heard comments supporting Mecca’s proposal, as well as several objections, which primarily centered upon the selected location.