Woman Crashes Into Buildings Arrested For Child Abuse, DUI

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A 27-year-old mother of three faces her second set of abandonment or abuse of a child charges after an early Christmas Eve morning crash, where her young children were passengers in the SUV she crashed into a pillar between the Comfort Inn and Denny’s Restaurant.
Britt E. (Marr) Diaz was sentenced to 364 days of unsupervised probation on May 4, 2017 for a July 2016 incident, which landed her behind bars on two charges of abandonment of a child. Through a plea deal with the Seventh Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Diaz pled no contest to one count; the second charge was dis-missed and she received a punishment of one year, less one day, of unsupervised probation.
Despite that sentence less than eight months ago, Diaz admitted to witnesses, paramedics and police that she had drank beer, smoked weed and taken sleeping pills before driving her newer model grey SUV.

Child Porn Found On School Mechanic’s Computer

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A mechanic at the Truth or Consequences School District faces three counts of sexual exploitation of a child after officials discovered child pornography on his work computer.
T-or-C Police School Resource Officer Ted Ontiveros obtained an arrest warrant for 47-year-old Bryan R. Leibowitz of Elephant Butte on the three felony charges – one for possession, one for distribution and the last for manufacturing child pornography.
Police learned of the case at the end of September when individuals were attempting to set up a presentation and opened a shared file from Leibowitz on a school computer. The file contained obscene images of a young child performing sexual acts.
School officials immediately closed the computer, sealed it and called for police assistance. That same day con-tact was made with Leibowitz at the bus barn where officials took posses-sion of his work computer, with the as-sistance of school superintendent Dr. Craig Cummins and staff.

Man Arrested, Charged With Sexual Assault

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Truth or Consequences Police have arrested a 22-year-old T-or-C man after he pushed his way into a woman’s house and attempted to force himself upon her.
Charges have been filed against Jonathan Dunn, 22, of T-or-C, accusing him of aggravated burglary, attempted criminal sexual penetration and battery on a household member following the incident on December 7.
Court documents indicate that Dunn went to the home of a woman he knew, and while she was speaking with him at the doorway she said that he began asking who was inside the house.
Despite the woman being alone, Dunn allegedly pushed his way in and then struck
the woman before attempting to force her to have sex with him.

Man Arrested For Sex, Pics With Teenager


A 21-year-old man has been arrested after he reportedly had sex with a young teenaged girl. Truth or Consequences Police became aware of the case Nov. 29; however, as the alleged crime took place outside the city limits, officers worked jointly with the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department to investigate the serious allegations.
A woman reported that a 13-year-old family member had engaged in sexual acts with Zackary Grimes, a T-or-C resident. The woman described to police how she had seen pictures of the girl and Grimes hugging with no clothes on just days earlier.
During the course of the investigation, T-or-C Police Sgt. Erica Baker made contact with Grimes, who admitted to knowing the young girl and that they had hung out and kissed. However, he denied having sex with the girl.

Chief Alirez Retiring From TCPD

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As reported in last week’s edition, Truth or Consequences Police Department (TCPD) Chief Lee Alirez told members of the Williamsburg board of trustees that he would be stepping down from his post at the end of this month.
Alirez said Captain Mike Apodaca would be taking over the department’s helm as interim chief and took a moment to express his appreciation for the opportunity to serve the residents of T-or-C and Williamsburg. The chief also expressed a heartfelt thanks to the officers and staff of the TCPD, crediting their individual dedication and team approach for the many successful initiatives the department has realized over his near three-year term.
Introduced to the city commission during their March 2, 2015 regular session, Alirez began his association with the TCPD with a declared focus on empowering community-based policies, and working with residents to meet the city’s true needs.

Out Of Gas Driver Leads Police To Stolen Truck

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A Kerrville, Texas man has been arrested on charges of taking a motor vehicle after he admitted to driving a pickup truck that was not his.
A truck driver called police Friday afternoon, August 11 when the driver of a white Ford pickup continually used hand gestures to the trucker and was following him for nearly 20 minutes. When New Mexico State Police stopped the white Ford they met 51-year-old Charles Boyd Rose Jr. The man told police that he had been using hand gestures to get the trucker’s attention, as he was about to run out of gas.
Further investigation revealed that the truck was not registered to Rose and he did not know who the owner was. Rose told NMSP Officers that he had been zapped with a stun gun and woke up in the truck, alone. When he awoke he decided to take the truck and drive to San Antonio, Texas and was en route when police stopped him. When questioned as to why he would take a truck that did not belong to him and he was unsure about, Rose told authorities he did so because the keys were in the ignition.

Repeat Offender Arrested

behind bars

New Mexico State Police served a search warrant at 860 West Sixth Ave. Friday morning, June 23, and arrested one person on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and drug paraphernalia.
Charges have been filed against Adrian Rea, 32, of Truth or Consequences, in Sierra County Magistrate Court following the execution of the search warrant at his home.
Agents with the State Police Investigations Bureau found meth pipes, a digital scale, numerous zip lock baggies and a spoon with residue, as well as a 20 gauge shot gun.

Career Criminal Arrested In Burglary

Hudman mugshot

after being caught red handed, once again engaging in his old tricks. Truth or Consequences Police were called to a Spruce Street address Dec. 21 after a man witnessed Jeffrey L. Hudman, 45, loading boxes into a van from a vacant residence

Conflicting Stories On Fundraiser Theft


TCPD Capt. James Morgan was called to “That’s It,” at 711 North Date, formerly the Black Range Restaurant and Mall on Monday morning, Dec. 5 when the Toys for Tots coordinator Joy Vigeant reported the burglary.

Woman Arrested For Forging Checks


Man Arrested At Pharmacy

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A Wal-Mart pharmacy employee called police after determining that last week a prescription had been forged.
Truth or Consequences Police Officer Bojorquez was called to Wal-Mart Wednesday afternoon, August 3 when Frank Serna turned in a prescription for Amoxicillin, Ibuprofen and Hydrocodone.

Man Charged In Tuesday Shooting

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A 28-year-old Sierra County man was rushed to the hospital Tuesday night after being shot at his Las Palomas residence by another man.
Sierra County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to Las Palomas canyon in reference to a shooting just before 9 p.m. August 2. Officers were greeted by two witnesses, who immediately took the police to the RV

Couple Arrested With Meth, Pot, Paraphernalia

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Sierra County Sheriff’s Deputies are continuing their crack down on known drug users and pushers in the area, and have made yet another arrest; this time of a Truth or Consequences couple.
After obtaining information about the alleged drug distribution of Boyd Oldfield, 58, the sheriff’s department obtained a search warrant through district court and went to Oldfield’s Glenn Street home early Friday morning, December 11…

Delivery Truck Knocks Out Power

Just around the noon hour Thursday, December 17 a Shamrock Foods delivery truck clipped a power line adjacent to the T-or-C School District’s bus barn, briefly knocking power out along the city’s Riverside circuit. Electric Division Director Boaz Easley said power was restored to most of the affected area within several minutes.
While still assessing the accident, T-or-C Police Captain Mike Apodaca confirmed that there were no injuries, but noted that in clipping the power line the truck snapped a utility pole located behind a portable building along the facility’s western perimeter…

Man Charged For Sex With Underage Girl

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A 22-year-old Truth or Consequences, NM man has been arrested on charges of criminal sexual penetration of a child and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after allegations that he had sex with a teenage girl earlier this year.
T-or-C Police Detective James Harrington and recently retired Det. George Lee investigated the claims of the girl beginning in August. The information they obtained led to the approval of an arrest warrant for William “Billy” Buchanan…

Dirty Needle Land Mom, Grandma In Jail

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Two women have been arrested after a young girl was accidentally poked with a dirty needle, infecting her and causing her to undergo several surgeries and spend time in the hospital.
In July, Truth or Consequences Police were called to Sierra Vista Hospital when April Scot Mosley took her granddaughter to the emergency room for treatment of a bug bite. However, the child told police that the sore had begun when she and her brother were playing with her grandmother’s dirty drug needles and she was accidentally poked in the arm…

Stolen Gun Case Leads To Arrests

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The investigation into a stolen rifle led Sierra County Sheriff’s Deputies to arrest three individuals and confiscate additional stolen weapons that were in the possession of a felon.
Sierra County Sheriff’s Deputies were assisting the Seventh Judicial District Attorney and the Adult Probation and Parole Office as they conducted a visit with probationer, Micah Wilson. Wilson admitted to his probation officer that he had smoked meth and marijuana the day before…

Couple Found Dead In Garage

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Two calls to Sierra County Regional Dispatch regarding a possible shooting in the 600 block of Wyona Wednesday, November 11 led T-or-C Police Officers to find two bodies in a garage. According to T-or-C Police Chief Lee Alirez, officers arrived at the residence shortly after 2 p.m., where they found an elderly couple, deceased inside their garage.
Chief Alirez indicated evidence was collected in the garage and a warrant was obtained to search the nearby home of the couple for additional clues as to what had taken place. A gun was recovered in the collection of the evidence and is believed to be the weapon used in the shooting…

Man Found Guilty For Evading Police

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A jury of his peers found Marcos Figueroa, of Truth or Consequences, guilty of evading police when he failed to stop for officers on May 7 as they attempted to serve a warrant on him for eight counts of criminal sexual penetration of a child and two counts of criminal sexual contact with a child.
A jury trial was conducted Wednesday, November 4 in Sierra County Magistrate Court for Figueroa, who had previously pled not guilty to attempting to flee from officers on the north end of T-or-C in May…

Caught: Doing The Right Thing

Memorial Day Events Planned

On Sept. 28, 2015, at approximately 2:14 p.m., the Truth or Consequences Police Department received a telephone call from Syndey Weaver of Florence, Arizona. The caller reported her aunt, Judy Marlatt, had traveled through and stopped in Truth or Consequences several hours earlier to eat at her one of favorite restaurants, Blake’s Lota Burger, and unfortunately left her purse there when she left. Mrs. Marlatt did not realize she had left her purse there until she was already back in Arizona.

Local Man Dies In Single Vehicle Crash

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State Police are indicating that driver fatigue is likely the cause of a single vehicle crash Thursday, July 2 that claimed a Hillsboro man’s life.
State Police report that around 10:30 p.m. Thursday, they were notified of a rollover crash near mile marker 97 on I-25. Brent R. Bason, 46, of Hillsboro was traveling north in his 2001 Ford F-250 truck when he apparently drifted off the roadway slowly. Crash scene investigation revealed that Bason brought the truck back onto the roadway before it left the road a second time, rolling multiple times and coming to rest off the east side of the roadway.
State Police Capt. Jason Green stated Bason was thrown from the vehicle, as was a 20-year old rear-seat passenger. Bason…

Allegations Of Misconduct Land Man Behind Bars

behind bars

A retired Marine and Truth or Consequences resident was arrested June 3 on charges of criminal sexual contact of a child, false imprisonment, and two counts of battery after allegations were made of his misconduct in May. Police became aware of the allegations when a woman reported her suspicions that something had taken place between her…

Wanted Man Runs From Police

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A Truth or Consequences man, who was wanted on a warrant for failing to appear in court, ran from police Monday night, March 30. Sierra County Sheriff’s Deputies spotted a vehicle in Elephant Butte, known to be driven by Jacob Sprutles, who had an outstanding warrant. When officers attempted to stop the Ford Bronco, Sprutles attempted to drive off the roadway into a cleared area and turned off his headlights. However, he then turned his headlights back on and sped away, eventually getting on to I-25 at mile marker 89.