Park Priorities Discussed

City of Truth or Consequences

With no formal action items on their July 10 agenda, members of the Truth or Consequences (T-or-C) Parks and Recreation Advisory Board devoted the session to a brief review of facility needs and yet to be completed projects.
Board chairman Dr. Greg D’Amour noted the intent was to compile a list for the city commission to review, in hopes that the new budget will allow for many of these items and issues to be attended to in the coming months.
D’Amour began by pointing to a past request for the installation of a practice backboard at the municipal tennis courts. Board members have supported this community request for several years and the chairman suggested this addition would likely be the easiest for recreation department officials to address.
In addition to this proposed tennis court upgrade, board members agreed city leaders should look at the possible development of a “Pickle Ball” court on space adjacent to the tennis facility. D’Amour noted this request also came from community residents and said it appeared as though Pickle Ball was rising in popularity as a fun family-oriented activity.