EB Forwards SDR Activity


As has been reported, Elephant Butte City Councilors approved a series of action items during a March 29 special meeting, which affirmed the board’s decision to proceed with acquisition of the Sierra del Rio (SDR) golf course and facilities.
During the board’s April 5 regular meeting, councilors further approved a resolution (16/17 121), which formally established a new enterprise fund (597) for the golf course, and included a transfer of approximately $250,000 from the city’s general fund account.
City Clerk Treasurer Karen Rieth confirmed that request for proposal (RFP) process was underway, which was seeking potential operators for the golf course, clubhouse bar and restaurant, or a combination thereof.

Where Wild Winds Blow


While the old saying promises that March will “go out like a lamb,” it seems the old lion wasn’t quite ready to let go of the month this year. A strong storm blew through Sierra County Friday, March 31, knocking down this large tree at the T-or-C Municipal Golf Course. As the relentless spring winds rattled nerves and tested lashings throughout the area, the storm also brought some much-welcomed rain and a solid dusting of snow to higher elevations of the county.

SJOA Watching For Cutbacks

Cash Money

The state’s budget woes are already reverberating through one of Sierra County’s most vulnerable populations, its senior citizens.
Following a contentious 2017 legislative session that ended in March, Gov. Susana Martinez implemented a state hiring freeze and vows to call a special session for the third consecutive year – to try to renegotiate a balanced budget in light of plunging revenues from the oil and gas industry.
The legislature approved a $6.1 billion budget that includes $128 million in spending above projected incoming revenue, and includes about $350 million in tax increases.

Out Of Line


T-or-C resident Ron Fenn interrupted city commission proceedings March 28 at the conclusion of the morning’s public comments session. Fenn raised his voice to complain that a written statement he apparently submitted to city officials had not been read into the record. In response, mayor Steve Green called for an immediate recess, during which Police Chief Lee Alirez spoke with Fenn and urged him to abide by meeting protocols. On March 14 board members voted to bar Fenn from participating in public comment for two meetings.

Workshop Clears The Water


Sierra County municipal leaders gathered for a special workshop Monday afternoon March 27. The special gathering was convened in order to better define issues and local goals relating to the future designation and maintenance of a minimum pool of water for Elephant Butte Lake.
Area leaders were joined by a contingent of authorities including state engineer Tom Blaine, representatives from the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), Elephant Butte Irrigation District (EBID) Manager Gary Esslinger, Santa Fe attorney Pete Domenici Jr. and a number of other officials, all experienced with water rights and water management in New Mexico.

Watching The River Flow

river irrigation

Earlier this week, Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) authorities opened up the gates of Elephant Butte Dam, officially kicking off the 2017 irrigation season. While regulated to a trickle throughout the winter months, the river basin just below the dam was clearly bank full and running steady early Tuesday morning, March 7. In this perennial process, BOR officials move water from Elephant Butte reservoir to Caballo Lake, where it is temporarily held, before being distributed to satisfy agricultural needs in southern New Mexico, West Texas and Mexico.