Child Porn Found On School Mechanic’s Computer

Police beat

A mechanic at the Truth or Consequences School District faces three counts of sexual exploitation of a child after officials discovered child pornography on his work computer.
T-or-C Police School Resource Officer Ted Ontiveros obtained an arrest warrant for 47-year-old Bryan R. Leibowitz of Elephant Butte on the three felony charges – one for possession, one for distribution and the last for manufacturing child pornography.
Police learned of the case at the end of September when individuals were attempting to set up a presentation and opened a shared file from Leibowitz on a school computer. The file contained obscene images of a young child performing sexual acts.
School officials immediately closed the computer, sealed it and called for police assistance. That same day con-tact was made with Leibowitz at the bus barn where officials took posses-sion of his work computer, with the as-sistance of school superintendent Dr. Craig Cummins and staff.

Man Arrested For Sex, Pics With Teenager


A 21-year-old man has been arrested after he reportedly had sex with a young teenaged girl. Truth or Consequences Police became aware of the case Nov. 29; however, as the alleged crime took place outside the city limits, officers worked jointly with the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department to investigate the serious allegations.
A woman reported that a 13-year-old family member had engaged in sexual acts with Zackary Grimes, a T-or-C resident. The woman described to police how she had seen pictures of the girl and Grimes hugging with no clothes on just days earlier.
During the course of the investigation, T-or-C Police Sgt. Erica Baker made contact with Grimes, who admitted to knowing the young girl and that they had hung out and kissed. However, he denied having sex with the girl.