Caballo Man Arrested

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Utilizing social media, police have once again nabbed an older man asking a younger girl for nude pictures.
The Sierra County Sheriff’s Department arrested Michael W. Johnson, 22, of Caballo, on February 12 at the Louis Armijo Park when he arrived to meet the 15-year old girl he had been messaging on social media.
Criminal charges against Johnson indicate that during conversations with whom he thought was a 15-year old girl, Johnson asked if she was confortable being with an older guy, told her he loved her and asked if she would be comfortable having sex with an older guy.
Johnson asked if he could meet the girl and hang out at Ralph Edwards Park and even offered to meet the girl at her home in rural Sierra County. Court records indicate that Johnson described to the young girl, in detail, what he wanted to do with her when alone and stated that he would not wear a condom.

2 Co-Workers Arrested For Embezzlement

Police beat

Two former employees of Lynn’s Landscaping have been charged with embezzlement and conspiracy to commit embezzlement after police believe they worked together to take equipment from their boss to use on side jobs, as well as charged items to his company account at a local hardware store for their own benefit.
In November, Lynn Cramerer reported to the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department that he was missing numerous tools and equipment from his shop. A week later a woman called Cramerer saying that she had hired two of his employees, Cheyenne Grijalva and William Fry, to do some work at her residence and they hadn’t completed the job. Furthermore, the woman reported she was missing items from her home.
Through the course of the month-long investigation, SCSD Lt. Baker questioned Grijalva and Fry individually, who eventually admitted to taking items from their boss to do side work on the weekend with the intentions of returning the equipment.

Man Arrested For Sex, Pics With Teenager


A 21-year-old man has been arrested after he reportedly had sex with a young teenaged girl. Truth or Consequences Police became aware of the case Nov. 29; however, as the alleged crime took place outside the city limits, officers worked jointly with the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department to investigate the serious allegations.
A woman reported that a 13-year-old family member had engaged in sexual acts with Zackary Grimes, a T-or-C resident. The woman described to police how she had seen pictures of the girl and Grimes hugging with no clothes on just days earlier.
During the course of the investigation, T-or-C Police Sgt. Erica Baker made contact with Grimes, who admitted to knowing the young girl and that they had hung out and kissed. However, he denied having sex with the girl.

Winston Man Arrested For Child Abuse

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Sheriff’s deputies were called to the Winston area in early August to take a report of two stolen solar panels from a water tank. The victim reported to Sierra County Sheriff’s Deputy Torres that she had gone to check the tank on August 5 and that the panels were there. When she went back the following day she found fresh tire tracks, a discarded soda can and two missing solar panels.
The victim told police that she couldn’t be certain who had stolen the panels, but believed it was the traditional suspects when something is stolen in the Winston area.

Out Of Gas Driver Leads Police To Stolen Truck

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A Kerrville, Texas man has been arrested on charges of taking a motor vehicle after he admitted to driving a pickup truck that was not his.
A truck driver called police Friday afternoon, August 11 when the driver of a white Ford pickup continually used hand gestures to the trucker and was following him for nearly 20 minutes. When New Mexico State Police stopped the white Ford they met 51-year-old Charles Boyd Rose Jr. The man told police that he had been using hand gestures to get the trucker’s attention, as he was about to run out of gas.
Further investigation revealed that the truck was not registered to Rose and he did not know who the owner was. Rose told NMSP Officers that he had been zapped with a stun gun and woke up in the truck, alone. When he awoke he decided to take the truck and drive to San Antonio, Texas and was en route when police stopped him. When questioned as to why he would take a truck that did not belong to him and he was unsure about, Rose told authorities he did so because the keys were in the ignition.

Falsely Obtaining Subsidies Lands Man Behind Bars

behind bars

A 46-year-old Truth or Consequences man faces fraud charges after he lied to the local housing authority about his children living with him on an assistance form. T-or-C Housing Authority officials called the police department after obtaining a second assistance form from the mother of the children, who claimed they would be living with her on her assistance request form.
T-or-C Police Detective Laux spoke with both the mother and father and learned that neither one of them actually had custody of the children at the time; however, the mother was working to get her children back and anticipated they would be living with her when she moved into the apartment she was requesting assistance for.

Burglar Caught In Home

Jarod Clark

An observant neighbor is credited with calling police and reporting a burglar in a nearby vacant house in the 400 block of Oak St.
Truth or Consequences Police responded to the area of Fourth and Oak when a young man was seen on his skateboard with his jacket before leaving the items on the side of the road and entering the back yard of the vacant home on Saturday, July 11 just before 9 p.m.
When officers arrived they observed a man running from one end of the house to the other as they positioned themselves at the front and back doors. Eventually additional officers arrived and the man, identified as Jarod Clark, 29, of T-or-C, was talked out of the house.