WNMU To Reinstate Local Classes


Thanks to quick action by Rep. Rebecca Dow (R-Grant, Hidalgo and Sierra) community leaders and officials from Western New Mexico University (WNMU) convened and successfully found a way to maintain WNMU’s presence in Truth or Consequences., WNMU has agreed to continue offering classes at the Gardner Learning Center.
In April, WNMU announced plans to close satellite campuses in Gallup, Lordsburg and Truth or Consequences in response to recent budget cuts.
The satellite campuses offer as well as academic support to students such as tutors and advisors. In addition, the campuses partner with local school districts to offer dual-credit classes, allowing high school students to get a jump-start on achieving their higher education goals.
After WNMU’s announcement, Dow met with community and university officials to work on options to keep WNMU in the community. A new agreement negotiated by Dow between the city of Truth or Consequences, WNMU and the WNMU Adult Education Department will allow WNMU to continue providing instruction at the Gardner Learning Center.