Little League Changes

Although the Truth or Consequences Parks and Recreation Advisory Board was unable to seat a quorum for their August 7 regular meeting, board chairman Dr. Greg D’Amour and vice-chair Destiny Mitchell informally accepted comments from citizens on hand for the evening session.
•Little league president Matt Felts (left) briefly outlined how the past season’s schedule began too late for local teams to effectively participate in post-season all-star competition. He also relayed how an invitation to participate in a regional tournament had to be declined as local teams still had regular season games on the calendar.
After a brief discussion, Felts said he would like to see the little league season begin shortly after the school district’s spring break in mid-March. He told the board the earlier starting date would allow league play to begin in earnest in April and conclude in time for local players to better compete in all-star games, as well as to participate and/or host post-season tournament competition.

Little League In Tournament Play

Sierra County Little League tournament games were played at the Louis Armijo Fields June 20-24. The top five seeds in the major division and top six in the minors matched up to see who would take top honors.
Through the course of the Little League regular season, from t-ball, through the minors and on upward to the older kids in the majors, teams have seen a lot of improvement in baseball skills, team spirit and most of all, just good fun. Isn’t that what it’s all about?