Chief Alirez Retiring From TCPD

Police beat

As reported in last week’s edition, Truth or Consequences Police Department (TCPD) Chief Lee Alirez told members of the Williamsburg board of trustees that he would be stepping down from his post at the end of this month.
Alirez said Captain Mike Apodaca would be taking over the department’s helm as interim chief and took a moment to express his appreciation for the opportunity to serve the residents of T-or-C and Williamsburg. The chief also expressed a heartfelt thanks to the officers and staff of the TCPD, crediting their individual dedication and team approach for the many successful initiatives the department has realized over his near three-year term.
Introduced to the city commission during their March 2, 2015 regular session, Alirez began his association with the TCPD with a declared focus on empowering community-based policies, and working with residents to meet the city’s true needs.

Work Begins At Animal Shelter

T-or-C Police Chief Lee Alirez confirmed that construction of the community animal shelter broke ground this week and said the project was presently anticipated to take approximately four months to complete. Funding for this effort was caught up in the recent state budget crisis and temporarily placed on hold. When completed the modest metal structure now in place (above) at the former Armory complex will include added office and kennel space, as well as a full compliment of necessary equipment and items already on hand. Alirez said he was very pleased to see the project move forward and emphasized his appreciation for the efforts community volunteers brought to the initiative.