Burglar Caught In Home

Jarod Clark

An observant neighbor is credited with calling police and reporting a burglar in a nearby vacant house in the 400 block of Oak St.
Truth or Consequences Police responded to the area of Fourth and Oak when a young man was seen on his skateboard with his jacket before leaving the items on the side of the road and entering the back yard of the vacant home on Saturday, July 11 just before 9 p.m.
When officers arrived they observed a man running from one end of the house to the other as they positioned themselves at the front and back doors. Eventually additional officers arrived and the man, identified as Jarod Clark, 29, of T-or-C, was talked out of the house.

EB Contracts With Sheriff’s Office For Law Enforcement

Cash Money

Among only a few action items on the Elephant Butte City Council’s March 15 meeting agenda, was a proposed Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) with the Sierra County Sheriff ‘s Department for law enforcement services.
City manager Yovanne Lucero introduced the measure, emphasizing that Sierra County Sheriff Glenn Hamilton was personally involved in drafting the JPA and recently forwarded the document to the council for consideration.
Mayor Eunice Kent said the revised agreement included a $10,000 increase in payment, upping the city’s annual service fee to $30,000,

Police Recover Stolen Vehicles

Police beat

Area law enforcement offices have arrested two individuals for possessing stolen vehicles in unrelated cases in just one week. Sierra County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Torres was giving two individuals a ride to a Williamsburg residence in the late night hours of Thursday, Feb 9 when he saw a reportedly stolen U-Haul truck. Deputy Torres was able to confirm that the truck was the same on reported stolen about a week prior by running the license plate.

State Taps Fire Fund

state taps fire fund

After noting proposed cuts to New Mexico’s Fire Protection Fund, Law Enforcement Protection Fund and Insurance Operations Fund outlined in House Bill 4 would be “one-time, non-recurring transfers,” Governor Susana Martinez stated she
was therefore able to sign the bill Tuesday, January 31. The legislation effectively seizes funds from these annually accrued accounts and sets forth demands for the establishment of a periodic accrual and distribution process for the years to come.