Jr. Lifeguard Prevents Drowning At City Pool


A Truth or Consequences boy who had just been certified after passing the Junior Lifeguard Program (JL) is being praised for his quick action, which prevented what could have become a drowning at the local swimming pool.
Eli Wilcox, 11, is one of 10 kids who were certified last week in the JL Program. Wilcox, who is also a member of the Tigersharks Swim Team and the youngest junior lifeguard, had the opportunity to use the skills he learned in the program to prevent a potential drowning on Friday.
Ironically, the JL program had been featured in the “Know Your Neighbor” column in last week’s Sentinel, with examples of JLs across the nation using their training to save lives.
AppleTree Educational Center teachers use the T-or-C municipal swimming pool on a designated day each week for a recreational outing for their summer classes.