Changes Made In SVH Leadership


During closed-door executive session discussions Wednesday, September 6, Sierra Vista Hospital’s (SVH) interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Donna Muder, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Steve Stewart and Executive Secretary Kathy Elverum all tendered their resignations, effective immediately.
This action prompted a direct response from the governing board once members resumed the afternoon’s regular public session.
Upon reconvening the regular meeting, board members first affirmed that only items on the agenda were discussed during the executive session and that no decisions were made.
Following this statement, governing board members approved a motion to postpone consideration of items remaining on the regular meeting agenda until September 13 except for Item 26-4, which pertained to hospital leadership management.

Construction Proceeds At SVH, Issues Persist


Amid continuing concerns about the management of Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH), governing board members rendered one major decision during their August 30 meeting with the facility’s Joint Powers Commission (JPC); development of the new hospital will move forward into major Phase-Two construction.
Governing board members unanimously approved a motion to proceed in securing subcontractor contracts, which Layton Construction Project Manager Jake Kleiman suggested was necessary to ensure construction would flow forward as seamlessly as possible. Board members were told a delay could extend beyond a time limit set for current subcontractor bids, potentially requiring a re-bidding process that would likely result in elevated costs.
In a special meeting of the governing board August 25, members endorsed the establishment of two major subcontractor contracts, to allow current construction efforts to continue unabated and to also avoid a potential loss of related revenue.

Hospital Boards Get Financial Update


Sierra Vista Hospital’s (SVH) governing board and Joint Powers Commission (JPC) met in separate sessions Wednesday, June 28, and the focus of both bodies was squarely upon financial concerns left in the wake of former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mike Zimmerman’s recent resignation.
Governing board members gathered first at 1 p.m. for their final regular meeting of the fiscal year. After accepting several public comments criticizing recent billing, and other aspects hospital operations, members moved on to a financial report for the month of May.
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Steve Stewart began by noting that SVH recorded a solid cash increase of $142,990 and saw the important “Days of Cash on Hand” figure increase to 43.6 in May. This figure denotes the number of days full operations could continue without any realized income.

Simmering Issues Boil Over At SVH


You choose; suspicions about financial mishandling, worries about the substantial debt Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH) poses for the community, brinksmanship, politics, personal issues, or recent solar events? Whatever is driving present interactions between SVH’s Joint Powers Commission (JPC), governing board and administrative staff has yet to be revealed through the public discourse offered during recent hospital board sessions. Aside from curt comments, raised eyebrows, scowls and an obvious effort by all parties to maintain confidentiality about the issues at hand, both the JPC and governing board have offered the public very little toward identifying the source of all the smoke that seems to have been increasing in density of late.