Park, Rec Discuss Upgrades

City of Truth or Consequences

With city manager Juan Fuentes on hand, The Truth or Consequences (T-or-C) Parks and Recreation Advisory Board utilized their October 2 regular meeting to review ongoing projects and to discuss plans to upgrade the Louis Armijo Sports Complex’s (LASC) softball field.
Offering a brief update on the J.A. Hodges municipal swimming pool, the city manager said efforts were underway to obtain specific quotes for a much-discussed resurfacing project. He said grants/projects coordinator Traci Burnett was in the process of securing estimates and stressed the present goal was to have firm cost projections in hand before the upcoming October 11 city commission meeting.

Schools To Be Honored By State PED

kids holding books

Two local schools in Sierra County will be honored at a ceremony to be held in T-or-C, Friday, September 8. The event will feature representatives of the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) who are traveling the state in what they have named the “Straight A Express.” This is a tour of the fifty school districts in the state tht have the most successful schools in the state. They are giving special recognition to those schools in New Mexico that achieved the highest mark of an “A” in the recent school grading by the state.
In T-or-C we have two schools to be so honored. Both T-or-C Middle School (TCMS) and the T-or-C Elementary School (TCES) have earned this distinction. NMPED representatives will be on hand at TCMS at 8 a.m. and at TCES at 8:30. The representatives will tour each school and present the principals with a banner celebrating their achievement.

Elephant Butte Talks Of Firehouse Fix-Up

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Elephant Butte Fire Chief Toby Boone provided City Council members with a detailed update on the volunteer fire department’s status during the board’s September 21 regular session.
Boone, who was appointed to his post less than three months ago, outlined a number of deficiencies, but otherwise assured councilors that the department was actively moving toward improvements and full compliance with all established regulations.