Lindsay Named HSHS Principal

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As the year came to an end for T-or-C schools, the winds of change have been blowing. The first of several transitions came when word began to circulate through the halls that HSHS principal, Patti Nesbitt, would be resigning at the end of the school year. She was doing so in order to accept the position of principal in Capitan where she will head both the high school and middle school. This news followed on the heels of the long awaited retirement of Dr. Robert Vise from his position at Central, coordinating federal programs and student achievement for the district. Dr. Vise had made no secret of his plan to retire and move to California where he would be closer to family.
By graduation week there was one other very big change. As reported here in the Sentinel last week, T-or-C schools icon Hank Hopkins, announced his retirement from the position of director of human resources for the district. Even as the last of the diplomas passed into the hands of the graduating class of 2017, anyone paying attention in the community knew there were many significant changes coming.
With the top spot vacated at HSHS, the position was posted on the district’s website, and after the five days required in the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA), there were three applicants. All those who had by that time applied were apparently local people, already employed by the district.

Hopkins Hangs Up School Hat

There are many people in Sierra County who remember very well Hank Hopkins as their elementary school principal. Some remember him in that role and then saw their own children beginning their education at the school with Hopkins at the helm. Before he took on the job of Director of Human Resources for T-or-C schools, Hank was already an institution, known and respected across all the schools in Sierra County. Many former students, now parents themselves, remember him greeting them with a handshake and a few friendly words every single morning as they arrived at school.
Hank began as an elementary school teacher in Las Cruces before returning to his hometown, to work in the schools he himself attended.