Voters Halt T-or-C Plans

Thursday, January 25, a canvass of votes will confirm the results of the January 23 referendum regarding the City of Truth or Consequences (T-or-C) plans for the construction of a law enforcement complex at the former National Guard armory.
While a final count is required, a hand tally after the polls closed Tuesday rendered a clear majority opposed to the city’s plans. With a total of 527 voters participating, ballots supporting the initiative were convincingly outweighed by those cast in favor of halting the project.
The election’s result marks a welcomed victory for a small group of citizens, who have consistently voiced opposition to the development.
Following the city commission’s decision to move forward with the project last September, local resident Ron Fenn initiated a petition and spurring a true grassroots response, quickly attained the necessary support. The petition was formally presented to the city October 13 and once certified, prompted Tuesday’s election.

Law Complex Funding Approved

City of Truth or Consequences

After reviewing details surrounding the proposed issuance of municipal revenue bonds to construct a new law enforcement complex September 13, Truth or Consequences (T-or-C) city commissioners joined in unanimous support of a motion to approve the measure (Ordinance No. 686). This action will now allow the sale of $2,188,146 in municipal gross receipt tax revenue bonds and effectively green lights the T-or-C Police Department’s plan to renovate the former National Guard Armory building for a new department headquarters and regional law enforcement offices.
Prior to the action, commissioners conducted a public hearing to accept final citizen comments.
During their introduction of the measure acting bond council Linda Melendres and George K. Baum associate Raheel Hirji affirmed the bonds being issued would mature in 2042 and would include a 1.91-percent interest rate throughout the loan term. Hirji further noted the proposal included a 10-year call in 2027

County Awaiting Legislative Action

Cash Money

With the necessary gubernatorial signature, a number of bills have begun to emerge from this year’s state legislative session. Some of these measures will have direct effects upon area emergency services, schools and other established programs. While these legislative bills already are posing significant changes for many, a number of other pending actions are generating concerns and are being closely observed by Sierra County Manager Bruce Swingle and his counterparts throughout the state.