School Grades In

kids holding books

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED), released its grades for all public schools statewide on Tuesday, August 22. Immediately on release there were statements from school districts and teachers groups around the state questioning the validity of the grades, and the methodology used to determine them. Still, this is the system given to the schools for determining their success in fulfilling their mission of educating the youth of our communities.
The grades passed down to the schools by NMPED are ranked A through F, with an A-grade being the highest possible and an F-grade signifying the lowest. Many states have dropped the use of an F-grade in their school rankings.
Locally, in the T-or-C schools, there were mixed results but with very two bright spots in the report. T-or-C Middle School (TCMS) received an A-grade. We were told by Dr. Craig Cummins, schools’ superintendent, “They were one of only a very small handful of middle schools statewide to have received an A-grade for three years in a row.