EB Looks To Revise City Firearm Code


Following up on recommendations he forwarded during the Elephant Butte City Council’s June 21 regular meeting, municipal fire chief and code enforcement officer Toby Boone presented the board with three proposed ordinances July 5. The suggested code changes focused on firearm possession and use of weapons within the city, special fireworks permits and minor revisions to the Uniform Fire Code. Councilors ultimately agreed with the proposed revisions and directed staff to begin scheduling necessary public hearings for all three ordinances, which will likely come before the board for final approval in August.
Topping the list of Boone’s proposals was undoubtedly the city’s code relating to the possession of firearms. He previously noted how the city’s current codes prohibit the carrying of concealed firearms on municipal property and stressed this was in violation of federal law. Boone recommended changing regulations to allow for the possession and carrying of concealed firearms on city property and within municipal facilities.