City Pool To Close 10.15

City of Truth or Consequences

After learning state health department officials told staff the J.A. Hodges municipal swimming pool would not pass an upcoming February inspection, Truth or Consequences (T-or-C) city commissioners agreed to move forward with a much-needed re-plastering project during the board’s October 11 regular meeting. To accommodate this work, commission members also agreed to an idea put forward by pool patrons; to close the facility for a temporary period. In addition to facilitating the re-plastering effort, it was suggested that closing the pool would help the city realize a savings in operational costs.
City manager Juan Fuentes confirmed this point, telling commissioners a proposed six-month closure could be expected to net the city more than $60,000 from the pause in standard expenditures. He indicated this savings would help considerably in covering the estimated $110,000 required to re-plaster the swimming pool.