2 Co-Workers Arrested For Embezzlement

Police beat

Two former employees of Lynn’s Landscaping have been charged with embezzlement and conspiracy to commit embezzlement after police believe they worked together to take equipment from their boss to use on side jobs, as well as charged items to his company account at a local hardware store for their own benefit.
In November, Lynn Cramerer reported to the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department that he was missing numerous tools and equipment from his shop. A week later a woman called Cramerer saying that she had hired two of his employees, Cheyenne Grijalva and William Fry, to do some work at her residence and they hadn’t completed the job. Furthermore, the woman reported she was missing items from her home.
Through the course of the month-long investigation, SCSD Lt. Baker questioned Grijalva and Fry individually, who eventually admitted to taking items from their boss to do side work on the weekend with the intentions of returning the equipment.