School Board Votes Against Cummins Extension


Some executive sessions are more controversial than others. When the school board emerged from behind closed doors to resume the public meeting, Thursday, September 14 they took one action that has reverberated across the community. After calling the meeting back order the board voted 3-2, against extending for one year, the contract of school’s superintendent, Dr. Craig Cummins.
On the meeting agenda there were two items to be discussed in the executive session. One, discussion of pending or threatened litigation was removed when the agenda was approved, leaving discussion of the Superintendent’s evaluation and contract as the only executive session item.
The board returned from the private session and a motion was put forth to extend Dr. Cummins contract for one year. The vote was taken. There were two votes in favor of the extension, Jeanne Feazell, and board president, Jay Johnson and three voting against it, board vice president, Brett Smith, board secretary Crystal Runyan Diamond and Doug Whitehead. Within hours the community was buzzing. Board members were contacted to comment on their vote, for this article. Those comments are included below.