Down, SVH Aims For Fiscal Fix


Despite a persistent downturn in hospital income over the first six months of the present fiscal cycle, Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH) authorities expressed confidence in recovery efforts and for plans in place to right the facility’s operational and fiscal standing.
In his financial report covering the month of December, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Dan Galles noted several improving factors, before confirming a net-loss of approximately $351,000 for the month. After acknowledging this was balanced against a net-in-come of approximately $89,000, Galles said SVH has incurred an approximate $2.46 million loss over the first six months of the present fiscal year.
Offering an assessment of the situation, the CFO said the largest factor driving the underperformance was a reduction in patient volume (from figures anticipated in the budget). He further noted that the month of December saw the lowest Patient-Day numbers for the year thus far.

Man Arrested, Charged With Sexual Assault

Police beat

Truth or Consequences Police have arrested a 22-year-old T-or-C man after he pushed his way into a woman’s house and attempted to force himself upon her.
Charges have been filed against Jonathan Dunn, 22, of T-or-C, accusing him of aggravated burglary, attempted criminal sexual penetration and battery on a household member following the incident on December 7.
Court documents indicate that Dunn went to the home of a woman he knew, and while she was speaking with him at the doorway she said that he began asking who was inside the house.
Despite the woman being alone, Dunn allegedly pushed his way in and then struck
the woman before attempting to force her to have sex with him.