Man Arrested, Charged With Sexual Assault

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Truth or Consequences Police have arrested a 22-year-old T-or-C man after he pushed his way into a woman’s house and attempted to force himself upon her.
Charges have been filed against Jonathan Dunn, 22, of T-or-C, accusing him of aggravated burglary, attempted criminal sexual penetration and battery on a household member following the incident on December 7.
Court documents indicate that Dunn went to the home of a woman he knew, and while she was speaking with him at the doorway she said that he began asking who was inside the house.
Despite the woman being alone, Dunn allegedly pushed his way in and then struck
the woman before attempting to force her to have sex with him.

Man Arrested For Sex, Pics With Teenager


A 21-year-old man has been arrested after he reportedly had sex with a young teenaged girl. Truth or Consequences Police became aware of the case Nov. 29; however, as the alleged crime took place outside the city limits, officers worked jointly with the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department to investigate the serious allegations.
A woman reported that a 13-year-old family member had engaged in sexual acts with Zackary Grimes, a T-or-C resident. The woman described to police how she had seen pictures of the girl and Grimes hugging with no clothes on just days earlier.
During the course of the investigation, T-or-C Police Sgt. Erica Baker made contact with Grimes, who admitted to knowing the young girl and that they had hung out and kissed. However, he denied having sex with the girl.

Judge Steps Down Amidst Criminal Investigation

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Sierra County Probate Judge Pamela Smith has resigned following allegations of fraud and tampering with official documents.
Due to the seriousness of the pending charges and criminal investigation by New Mexico State Police, a petition for immediate temporary suspension, without pay, was filed in the State Supreme Court by Judicial Standards Commission Executive Director and General Counsel, Randall Roybal.
Following the order of the court Smith resigned from her position and in a special meeting Wednesday, Oct. 17, the Sierra County Commission has appointed former Probate and Magistrate Court Judge Tom Pestak to fill the vacancy.
Smith, who was elected during the 2014 cycle, has also continued her employment with the Office of the Medical Investigator (OMI) as a deputy field medical investigator during her time as judge. Her position as an OMI investigator sent her to an unattended death call on March 9 of this year when Dominic Domingo passed away at his home. According to court documents, it was at that time that Smith filled out an OMI report identifying her husband as Mr. Domingo’s next of kin.

Police Find Wanted Man Hiding Between Mattresses

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Sierra County Sheriff’s Deputies ended up arresting three individuals while trying to find another at a Mercury Street address Wednesday, Oct. 4.
According to charges filed in Sierra County Magistrate Court, deputies were attempting to locate Robert Barrett Jr., 26, who had just been released from custody within recent days on a plea agreement with the state. Barrett had been charged with possession of a controlled substance, resisting, evading or obstructing an officer, possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana among some traffic violations in September of 2016.
It was upon his release that Barrett was supposed to immediately report to the Adult Probation Officer. Instead he found himself once again in trouble with the law and the subject of an active arrest and hold warrant by the department of corrections.

Out Of Gas Driver Leads Police To Stolen Truck

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A Kerrville, Texas man has been arrested on charges of taking a motor vehicle after he admitted to driving a pickup truck that was not his.
A truck driver called police Friday afternoon, August 11 when the driver of a white Ford pickup continually used hand gestures to the trucker and was following him for nearly 20 minutes. When New Mexico State Police stopped the white Ford they met 51-year-old Charles Boyd Rose Jr. The man told police that he had been using hand gestures to get the trucker’s attention, as he was about to run out of gas.
Further investigation revealed that the truck was not registered to Rose and he did not know who the owner was. Rose told NMSP Officers that he had been zapped with a stun gun and woke up in the truck, alone. When he awoke he decided to take the truck and drive to San Antonio, Texas and was en route when police stopped him. When questioned as to why he would take a truck that did not belong to him and he was unsure about, Rose told authorities he did so because the keys were in the ignition.

Womens Recovery Shelter Permit Ok’d


Following up on an item postponed during the board’s July 26 session, Truth or Consequences (T-or-C) city commissioners once again addressed a special permit request August 9. Local resident Phyllis Mecca is seeking to establish a women’s recovery program and shelter at the former Oasis Motel, 819 Date Street.
During the July 26 session, commissioners listened to concerns from neighboring residents, business owners and T-or-C Police Chief Lee Alirez, which highlighted issues surrounding a previous effort to establish a different form of recovery program at that same location.
Concerns about Mecca’s proposal were primarily focused on whether, or not, the shelter would pose an increased risk of crime for the surrounding community.

Burglar Caught In Home

Jarod Clark

An observant neighbor is credited with calling police and reporting a burglar in a nearby vacant house in the 400 block of Oak St.
Truth or Consequences Police responded to the area of Fourth and Oak when a young man was seen on his skateboard with his jacket before leaving the items on the side of the road and entering the back yard of the vacant home on Saturday, July 11 just before 9 p.m.
When officers arrived they observed a man running from one end of the house to the other as they positioned themselves at the front and back doors. Eventually additional officers arrived and the man, identified as Jarod Clark, 29, of T-or-C, was talked out of the house.

Miner Arrested


Being two feet away from the tunnel leading to a gold mine, 69-year-old Nicholas Fleming asked a potential investor for $500,000 to help him put his criminal proceedings behind him, pay off the 400 acres, 20 claims and secure the Plan of Operations with the BLM. The money would help Fleming get back on the mountain, get everything at the shop turned back on and finish the tunnel so they could begin pulling doar bars out.
Little did Fleming know that while he was making his pitch to the potential investor that Special Investigator Carolyn Hernandez was listening in on the call. Fleming’s criminal charges now awaiting the judicial process in the Sierra County District Court include charges of racketeering, sale of securities by an unlicensed agent, 23 counts of sale of unregistered security, 23 counts of securities fraud, five counts of embezzlement under $20,000 and eight charges of embezzlement over $20,000.
He can now add three additional charges to that list: one each of securities fraud, sale of an unregistered security and agent registration requirements and exemptions.

Man Arrested For Refusing To Leave Visitor Center

A Truth or Consequences man has been arrested for being at the Spaceport Visitor Center, despite a specific trespass order implemented to prevent the man from visiting the city-owned building.
T-or-C Police Officers were called to the Spaceport Visitor Center at 301 S. Foch shortly after 9 a.m. on Sunday, June 18 when self-proclaimed local activist Ron Fenn refused leave.

Man Faces Racketeering Charges + 73 Others

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Bond has been set at $500,000 cash only for a 69-year-old Williamsburg man who faces 74 felony charges stemming from his alleged investment scam in Sierra County. In January of this year, the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department, assisted by agents from the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau, detonated 40 pounds of explosives at 602 S. Broadway in Williamsburg. The ATF had received information about the 40 pounds of explosives being kept at the shop by Nicholas V. Fleming as part of his mining operation. In addition to the 40 pounds of explosives, blasting caps, dynamite, detonation cords and an improvised explosive device were also located at the shop.

Man Arrested On Drug Charge

A 64-year-old Truth or Consequences man has been arrested on charges of distribution of methamphetamine, tampering with evidence and possession of drug paraphernalia following a police raid at his home Monday evening by Sierra County Sheriffs Deputies.
Sierra County Undersheriff Dave Elston stated that when deputies approached the shop of Robert Sears, in the 1000 block of Pine Street, “It looked like it was snowing,” as Sears was throwing apparent meth into the air to prevent police from finding it.
Court documents filed against Sears in Sierra County Magistrate Court indicate that two other individuals were at Sears’ shop when law enforcement arrived, and alerted the man to their presence.

Man Charged For Having Sex With Boy

Charles Thompson

T-or-C Police were handling a routine call when they stumbled upon allegations of a 45-year old man having sexual contact with a minor child for nearly a decade.
A child told police that Charles D. Thompson had sexually assaulted him, repeatedly over a number of years. During an interview with the minor, he told authorities that Thompson raped him probably 20 times in a number of encounters ranging over almost a decade.
The victim described a number of the incidents to officials during a forensic interview. He also said he and Thompson had smoked marijuana together and that often times Thompson would have drugs readily available when he was at Thompson’s house.

TCPD Catch Criminals In The Act


Truth or Consequences Police have been kept busy taking numerous reports of burglaries in recent months. The great police work can be attributed to the arrest of two alleged burglars caught in the act this past week who broke into properties in the same area on East Third Ave.
T-or-C Police Det. A. Laux received information from the homeowner of 618 North Highway 51 (East Third Ave.) that he believed his home was going to be burglarized while he was out of town. Det. Laux began watching the property, and on the night of Feb. 19 Det. Laux and Officer Bojorquez determined that someone had entered the home.

Police Recover Stolen Vehicles

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Area law enforcement offices have arrested two individuals for possessing stolen vehicles in unrelated cases in just one week. Sierra County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Torres was giving two individuals a ride to a Williamsburg residence in the late night hours of Thursday, Feb 9 when he saw a reportedly stolen U-Haul truck. Deputy Torres was able to confirm that the truck was the same on reported stolen about a week prior by running the license plate.

Felon Found With Guns

Robert Ugsang

A convicted felon from California has been arrested for being in possession of firearms after information was obtained during an investigation.
The Sierra County Sheriff’s Department Immediate Response Team (IRT) executed a search warrant at the Elephant Butte home of Robert Ugsang, 50, Monday, January 31 after obtaining information that Ugsang was likely in possession of firearms, despite being a convicted felon.

Local Man Wounded In Border Attack


As the country prepares to swear in a new president – elected largely on a promise to secure the southern border with Mexico – a local man is fighting for his life following a violent border incident that witnesses are claiming was allegedly committed by illegal aliens.
Last Friday, Jan. 6, Walker Daugherty, 26, of Chloride, was shot in the abdomen as he re- portedly tried to prevent what he and other witnesses say was an attempted kidnapping or murder by Mexican nationals on the U.S. side of the border at the Circle Doug Ranch near Candelaria, TX.

Career Criminal Arrested In Burglary

Hudman mugshot

after being caught red handed, once again engaging in his old tricks. Truth or Consequences Police were called to a Spruce Street address Dec. 21 after a man witnessed Jeffrey L. Hudman, 45, loading boxes into a van from a vacant residence

Chief Responds To Critics Re: Crime

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In a special December 24 press conference, Truth or Consequences Police Department (TCPD) Chief Priscilla Mullins addressed a number of statements reportedly expressed through local social media outlets, which have criticized her department’s handling of recent property crimes. While not identifying any specific comments, Mullins said they suggested the TCPD was somehow inadequate in its response and/or prevention of such incidents.

Chief Mullins acknowledged frustrations expressed by community members and stressed that the TCPD was wholly dedicated toward maintaining the safety and security of the community. She also expressed a belief in the importance of maintaining transparency in regard to TCPD’s reporting of the facts relating to crime throughout the city, regardless of how such incidents might influence citizens’ perception of police department operations…