County Awaiting Legislative Action

Cash Money

With the necessary gubernatorial signature, a number of bills have begun to emerge from this year’s state legislative session. Some of these measures will have direct effects upon area emergency services, schools and other established programs. While these legislative bills already are posing significant changes for many, a number of other pending actions are generating concerns and are being closely observed by Sierra County Manager Bruce Swingle and his counterparts throughout the state.

Village Approves Security Upgrade

Village Meeting

With a unanimous vote Thursday, January 12, the Village of Williamsburg Board of Trustees supported a motion to proceed with the installation of cameras and other equipment necessary to better secure the village hall’s administrative offices.
After reviewing a number of proposals, trustees acknowledged all of the bids came in under $5,000. It was noted that because of this, board approval of a specific bid would not be required and members agreed to defer a final decision on the contractor to Mayor Deb Stubblefield and Clerk/Treasurer Linda Bauer.