Local HUD Receives Grant To Promote Jobs, Housing


In an effort to help low-income residents become self-sufficient, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has awarded $34.8 million to public housing authorities, public housing resident associations, Native American tribes, and non-profit organizations across the nation. The plan is to hire or retain service coordinators to help residents find jobs, educational opportunities, and achieve economic and housing in-dependence, including at total of $712,598 to New Mexico.
The grants, provided through HUD’s Resident Opportunities and Self Sufficiency – Service Coordinators Program (ROSSSC) helps grantees hire or retain “service coordinators” who work directly with residents to assess their needs and connect them with education, job training and placement programs, and/or computer and financial literacy services available in their community to promote self-sufficiency.

Hospital Strives To Steady Ship


In a special meeting of the Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH) Governing Board June 12, members reviewed a proposed final operational budget for the 2018 fiscal year (FY), and agreed to move forward with an independent examination of recent hospital financial transactions. While no action was taken regarding either issue, board members indicated they would be considering formal decisions on both during their upcoming regular meeting July 26.
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Steve Stewart presented the board with a proposed final budget for FY 2018 and joined with Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Donna Muder in assuring members that every step is being taken to trim costs, while a focus is also being maintained on quality patient care.
In response to a request from Elephant Butte representative Tony Rivera earlier in the session, board members agreed to postpone formal consideration of the budget until their next regular meeting.

EB Contracts With Sheriff’s Office For Law Enforcement

Cash Money

Among only a few action items on the Elephant Butte City Council’s March 15 meeting agenda, was a proposed Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) with the Sierra County Sheriff ‘s Department for law enforcement services.
City manager Yovanne Lucero introduced the measure, emphasizing that Sierra County Sheriff Glenn Hamilton was personally involved in drafting the JPA and recently forwarded the document to the council for consideration.
Mayor Eunice Kent said the revised agreement included a $10,000 increase in payment, upping the city’s annual service fee to $30,000,

T-or-C Citizens Air Views

City Forum

Truth or Consequences (T-or-C) city commissioners and administrative staff welcomed community members for a special town hall forum, Monday, February 27. The two-hour gathering attracted a small but attentive group of locals, who were all offered an opportunity to share concerns or suggestions about the city’s current operations and/or future goals. Commission members convened the evening session in order to include community perceptions and recommendations in 2017/2018 budget decisions, which board members will be addressing in the coming weeks.

Public Forum Set For City Budget

Cash Money

As the city moves forward in planning its 2016-2017 budget, Truth or Consequences will be looking at some hard financial challenges and choices. Every community in the state will feel the problem; T-or-C is not alone.
That said, it is important that city leaders continue to listen and plan. Limited dollars must be spent wisely and well. It appears that for the next two years there won’t be much help from Santa Fe.

Budget, Boards Top City Meeting

City of Truth or Consequences

Truth or Consequences City Commissioners addressed final budget issues and several advisory board appointments during their regular meeting July 22. The evening’s session also included endorsement of a resolution to allow planning of improvements for the municipal airport, support for a continuation of the T-or-C Police Department’s School Resource Officer program, as well as a number of public comments concerning ongoing issues with the Sierra Joint Office on Aging. BUDGET ISSUES FINALIZED. Commissioners were presented with two formal resolutions pertaining to the annual municipal budget. The first measure focused on fourth quarter revenue and expenditure adjustments for the fiscal year ending July 30, and the second measure formalized the municipal budget for the present 2014/2015 fiscal cycle…

Hospital Improving Despite SCNP Lag

One of the primary action items on the Sierra Vista Hospital (SVH) Governing Board’s June 25 regular meeting agenda was the review and approval of the facility’s final budget for the 2014/2015 fiscal year. Prior to unanimous support of a motion endorsing the new budget, and forwarding it on-ward to the Joint Powers Com-mission for final approval, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bret Goebel provided governing board members with a review of financial highlights for the month of May…