Buckhorn Demolished

By Frances Luna | SENTINEL

If the City of Truth or Consequences had a skyline comprised of its downtown buildings, it has forever been changed. The once hopping Buckhorn Bar on Main Street was demolished into a pile of rubble, hauled off, and now sits as two vacant lots.

Once the thriving downtown pub for locals, miners, ranchers and visitors alike, the Buckhorn Bar had set motionless for nearly 30 years, being used only by vagrants, graffiti artists and the owners as a storage.

Earlier this year the City of Truth or Consequences pushed on with the condemnation proceedings, after notices had been sent to either bring the building into a safe condition or have it demolished, failed. Once on the historical register, the Buckhorn’s owners, Jim and Bettie

Brannon fought the city’s demolition movement to no avail. The Brannon’s cited attempting to get grants to return the building to a useable state. However, it appeared as though the years of abandonment had ruined the historical bar beyond a saving grace.

The destruction order was given for the week of July 2. But the traditional trait of the owners carried on, and at the eleventh hour the Brannon’s asked the city to give them one more week in order that they could retrieve the contents from the building, including the bar, which were said to be sold. Their request was granted.

Then, on the afternoon of Monday, July 9, as Brannon and a handful of men worked at unloading old metal refrigerators, ……

Commission Denies Appeal

Chuck Wentworth | SENTINEL

Despite emotional pleas from property owners and a handful of local residents, members of the T-or-C City Commission remained committed to the resolution they approved March 27 and unanimously agreed to proceed with demolition of the former Buckhorn Saloon during their meeting Tuesday evening, May 8.

The decision was preceded by a lengthy public hearing for a formal appeal of the resolution, initiated by property owners Jim and Bettie Brannon. In his opening statement, city manager Juan Fuentes presented a timeline that followed the city’s efforts to address growing public safety and health concerns related to the Buckhorn Saloon’s (307 Main Street) well-recognized state of deterioration. Beginning with the city building inspector’s notification of code violations to property owners on May 6, 2010, Fuentes outlined a series of municipal actions taken to address the building’s condition through the aforementioned March 27, 2012 resolution and subsequent April 17, 2012 appeal…..

Buckhorn Status Causing Concern

The Buckhorn Bar, Main Street, Truth or Consequences NM

By Chuck Wentworth

During their regular meeting Tuesday evening, April 24, T-or-C Commission members learned that legal action aimed at securing the demolition of the old Buckhorn Bar, 307 Main Street, would not be completed before next week’s Fiesta parade and celebrations.

As board members addressed the scheduling of a public hearing to finalize the city’s actions, Commissioner Freddy Torres opened discussion by expressing concerns about the safety of citizens that regularly crowd this downtown area to view the Fiesta parade. He noted that a potential for collapse of the building’s façade existed and suggested that the loud noise and vibrations from a passing parade could precipitate ……..

City Moves Forward To Demolish Buckhorn Bar

By Chuck Wentworth SENTINEL | By unanimous vote during their March 27 regular session, members of the T-or-C Commission approved a motion to move forward with condemnation proceedings for the old Buckhorn Saloon, located at 307 Main Street.

City manager Juan Fuentes explained current property owners Jim and Bettie Brannon had been officially notified that the building’s condition constituted a public health hazard and were aware city authorities would be initiating steps to effect the building’s removal.

As of the evening’s session, Fuentes said the property owners have not formally responded or submitted a requested mitigation plan to the city.

This, paired with confirmation from T-or-C Fire Chief Paul Tooley and T-or-C Risk Management Officer Ed Williams that the building’s dilapidated structure posed…