Blue-Green Algae Found At 3 Sisters


New Mexico State Parks has issued a notice for the presence of blue- green algae at Three Sisters Cove, a small area within Elephant Butte Lake State Park.
State Parks is advising visitors who recreate at Three Sisters Cove of possible health risks associated with exposure to blue-green algae – a naturally occurring organism in lakes that can produce toxins but is short lived. As a precaution, State Parks is posting notices at Elephant Butte Lake State Park and distributing flyers to visitors. Please note that this is currently a small area and it will be posted clearly for visitors.
Blue-green algae can form anytime, particularly in the summer or early fall when conditions include the presence of warm, shallow, nutrient rich water that receives a lot of sunlight. Most blue-green algae are safe; however, people should be aware that toxic conditions can exist and should limit their contact with blue-green algae as much as possible. Seek medical attention immediately if you think you, your child, or your pet might have been exposed