City Settles With HSLD

City of Truth or Consequences

Following a closed-door executive session, which was called amid the Truth or Consequences (T-or-C) City Commission’s September 27 regular meeting, board members issued a brief statement outlining a settlement agreement with Hot Spring Land Development (HSLD).
This measure would appear to close out years of litigation between HSLD and the city.
Commissioner Kathy Clark read a prepared statement, which first acknowledged that the city com-mission had approved a settlement with HSLD to de-annex property acquired in 2008.
Clark further stated the commission also approved a declaration to vacate an April 2017 court order for deannexation that included property the city annexed in 2003. Clark emphasized the 2003 property annexation was initiated to connect the city to the municipal airport and stressed that at that time, HSLD was not part of the process.
Commissioners offered no further comments regarding the settlement.