Schools Show Improvement

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The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) released their 2017 report cards for 89 public school districts and 71 charter schools, academies and other specialized institutes. The T-or-C Municipal District earned a B in the state’s A through F grading system. After five years of hovering at the mid-point of C-grade, the district is on the road to improvement.
While none of our schools across the district were rated in the top five percent statewide, none were listed as in Focus, Priority or Strategic status. These are the lowest performing schools, statuses reserved for the lowest 10 percent of those in the report.
In some of the specific key areas T-or-C Schools are performing above the state averages. Our graduation rate for the most recently documented year, 2016 is 82 per cent. While the educators, administrators and other staff of the district are committed to raising this number, it is well above the state average of 71 per cent. The district’s drop out rate for the same year, while higher than our schools are striving for, at 13 per cent, is significantly lower than the state average of 16 percent.
The report also looked at teacher qualifications. Though there were no state averages to compare against, of the teachers in the district, 38 percent have earned a university graduate degree, of Master’s or higher.

PED Data Foul-Up Shows School Grades In Error


In August of this year the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) released its yearly grades of the individual schools throughout the state. When these were published it showed Hot Springs High School (HSHS) as receiving a failing, an “F”. To many educators, administrators close to the school, to say nothing of the students and parents, this seemed a little odd. As it turned out after examining the data used by the NMPED to determine this grade, it was more than a little odd; it was vastly in error. Though all the proper information was supplied to NMPED, the results they showed were based on only a small fraction of this.