Stolen Vehicle Recovered, Man Arrested

By: GPK Media

Motorists on I-25 witnessed a Truth or Consequences man speeding and passing on the shoulder as he drove a stolen truck from the US Forest Service in Socorro south towards T-or-C on Saturday, July 6. Law enforcement was notified of a stolen truck on the interstate at mile marker 107 moving south shortly after 4 p.m. Saturday. The vehicle had reportedly stopped on the side of the road with a flat tire. When Sierra County Sheriff’s Department Cpl. Clayton Reid located the white Ford F-250, it was being driven near mile marker 93, still on the flat tire. Court records indicate that the driver continued to the Red Rock exit at mile marker 92 where he went off the roadway. However, the vehicle continued traveling in the dirt on the side of the highway, stopping several times. When Cpl. Reid attempted to approach the truck the driver would take off again. The driver continued south on I-25 through Monticello Canyon and had just crossed the bridge when he again went off the right hand side of the highway, crashing into the bushes. Cpl. Reid’s report says the driver was starting to get out on the driver’s side, but looked back and saw police nearing and got out on the passenger side instead and ran into the bushes. The man was followed on foot through the brush, two barbed wire fences and across the roadway by Cpl. Reid, and Deputies Natera and Trejo. Deputy Trejo attempted to use a taser on the man, however due to the distance the prongs did not make contact. A few moments later deputies were able to jump on the man and tackle him to the ground. Once taken into custody, the man was identified as Travis D. Gregory, 45, of Truth or Consequences. An ambulance was called for Gregory due to injuries he sustained from the vehicle crashing into the brush. Witnesses to the incident told Cpl. Reid that they had followed Gregory at speeds of 100 mph, passing vehicles and nearly striking others. Occupants in one vehicle stated they were run off the roadway when Gregory nearly hit their car. A search of the stolen truck was conducted and nothing of interest was reportedly found. After his release from Sierra Vista Hospital, Gregory was taken to the Sierra County Holding Facility on charges of receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle and aggravated fleeing a law enforcement officer.