Soccer Field On Target For 2018


During their regular meeting November 6, Truth or Consequences’ (T-or-C) parks and recreation advisory board members learned that efforts to complete the Louis Armijo Sports Complex soccer field were poised to begin. Since an earnest start earlier this year, this project has been on hold awaiting delivery of irrigation components and working through contractor scheduling issues.
Sierra County Youth Soccer Organization (SCYSO) president Rene Guaderrama was on hand for the evening’s session and reported contractors would resume installation of the field’s irrigation system within the coming days. He said this aspect of the project was expected to be completed by the end of November, which would allow the field to be worked and prepared for seeding in the spring.
If all goes as planned, Guaderrama said he would expect play to begin on the new field in the fall of 2018.
When completed, the new soccer fields will provide local youngsters with a dedicated facility for future play. Passing this milestone will also free up access to the sports complex baseball fields.