Smoke Blankets Area

By: GPK Media

Smoke Monitor Installed In T-or-C
By Etta Pettijohn | For The SENTINEL

As U.S. Forest Service (FS) officials on Thursday, May 24 sent in a Type I Firefighting Team to contain a 70,000 plus-acre fire burning in the Gila National Forest, the agency was installing a smoke particulate monitor in T-or-C to measure smoke particulates in the area.

The 435-man firefighting team was brought in Thursday morning as the fire spread near Mogollon. The team is now camped at Reserve. The smoke monitor was installed a day after T-or-C residents experienced almost overwhelming clouds of smoke, along with a cover of ash falling on everything.

According to Larry Cosper, District Ranger of the Black Range District of the Gila, there was…