NMSVH Swimming Pool Closed

By: GPK Media

As most everyone in town knows, the New Mexico State Veterans’ Home building was built in 1936. Along with that construction was the awesome installation of our therapy pool.
Many years have passed, as have numerous repairs. We have unfortunately come to the end of the life cycle with the current pool as it has reached a point where repairs to the actual pool will not suffice; there is now structural damage underneath the pool itself.
I have had to make the tough decision to shut the pool down permanently due to safety issues. Repairs were estimated at over $1.5 million dollars two years ago, and that did not include the tunnel repair that is now needed.
We will, however, be installing a new pool in the new Alzheimer’s building to be built on our grounds. While we do not have a definite date of groundbreaking, we have been notified by the VA that we should anticipate a letter of approval soon.
We know what a great asset our pool is/was to the community, and we hope to reinstate those programs in the new building. Should anyone have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact …