New Mayor for T or C

By: GPK Media

By Chuck Wentworth for the SENTINEL

In what was no doubt a surprising move to many local residents, newly elected members of the T-or-C commission held firm to their campaigns for change and used a now realized majority vote to select John Mulcahy as the new Mayor of City of T-or-C Tuesday evening, March 13.

Prior to formally convening the evening’s session, Sierra County Magistrate Judge Tom Pestak congratulated all of the candidates that participated in the March 6 municipal elections and then proceeded to deliver the oath of office to the five individuals who emerged victorious in this year’s elective process.

Joining to recite the pledge and accept their respective roles as community leaders were Position-I Commissioner Sandra Whitehead, Position-II Commissioner Jeff Richter, Position-IV Commissioner John Mulcahy, returning Position-V Commissioner Steve Green and returning Municipal Judge Beatrice (Bobbie) Sanders.

Following the official ceremonies, Commissioner Freddie Torres presided over the initiation of the regular session and after preliminary actions, focused the…