Homeless Man Arrested For Murdering Friend

By: GPK Media

Drinking and enjoying a Thanksgiving feast ended in death at a homeless camp on the north end of Truth or Consequences last week. Just before 11 p.m. on November 28, police were called to Denny’s restaurant in reference to a belligerent woman acting hysterical. Upon arrival T-or-C Police officers learned from the woman that there was a dead man at their camp nearby. Police called for an ambulance and went to the campsite where medical personnel determined that the man was dead. According to court documents filed in Sierra County Magistrate Court, the woman said Benjamin Michael Shaw had gone crazy and attacked the friend of theirs at the camp. She told police that she, Shaw and his father met the victim, Arlie Jenson, in Socorro a few weeks back and together the four hitchhiked to Truth or Consequences. The woman told police that the four started the day by drinking alcohol and received a turkey dinner from a local restaurant, panhandled and earned enough money to purchase more alcohol and a few groceries from the store. They went to their camp and began cooking the groceries and drinking until Shaw’s father became so intoxicated that he fell into …….