Gov. Declares Emergency Due To Storms

By: GPK Media

Gov. Susana Martinez signed an Executive Order this week authorizing the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to coordinate all requests for assistance and responses for aid and assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In addition, applicants requesting financial assistance from the state for necessary action taken in response to the emergency shall be required to demonstrate that the cost of the necessary action exceeds their available resources. This is determined based upon criteria developed in conjunction with the state agencies (if any) with financial and budgetary oversight responsibilities for the applicant. Martinez also directed the Adjutant General to order into service any elements of the New Mexico National Guard as are or may be needed to provide military support to civil authorities as needed for this emergency. The order supersedes any other previous orders, proclamations, or directives in conflict. The order also takes effect immediately, and shall remain in effect until such time as the Governor rescinds it. The order directs cabinet departments and agencies under gubernatorial control to provide any assistance that may be required by the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management or by the State Emergency Operations Center under the authority of the Governor’s Authorized Representative. It directs the Department of Finance and….