Farm Bureau Nominates ‘Diamond In The Rough’

By: GPK Media

The Sierra County Farm and Livestock Bureau proudly selected April Romero of Cuchillo, NM as their “Diamond in the Rough” award nominee.
The “Diamond in the Rough” award was created to recognize an outstanding woman in New Mexico agriculture and highlight her efforts and contributions. Initiated by the Women in Agriculture Leadership Conference (WALC) and its various sponsors, the award has been given at each of the previous conferences during a special awards ceremony. This award recognizes a special woman that strives to make New Mexico’s agricultural industry a prosperous, viable component of the Land of Enchantment.
“Today’s agricultural women are integral parts of their families’ agricultural operations, in addition to their traditional roles,” said Caren Cowan, co-chairperson of the Women in Agriculture Leadership Conference.
April, and her husband, Ray, own and operate a ranch and small farm outside of Cuchillo. She is an active member of the community, and is involved in most agricultural organizations within the county.
In addition to serving as an officer for Sierra County Farm Bureau, April dedicated over 20 years serving as an elected supervisor on the Sierra Soil and Water Conservation District board. During her service, April was instrumental in initiating the district’s Ag cost share program,…