Election Tuesday

By: GPK Media

Next Tuesday, November 6, Sierra County voters will be lining up with citizens throughout the country to cast their ballots in this year’s all-important general election.
While most of the nation’s eyes will be focused on the presidential race, Sierra County residents will no doubt be paying close attention to a number of local and state contests that will define the area’s leadership for the coming years.
In Sierra County, voters will be electing a new Treasurer and will have the option of voting for Republican Terri J. Copsin or Democrat Isabel Salazar to fill the post.
Voters in Sierra County will also be asked to confirm the election of Frances L. Luna as the new District-3 County Commissioner, Clint Wellborn’s return as District Attorney for the Seventh Judicial District, and for Connie Greer to serve another four-year term as Sierra County Clerk. All three Republican candidates emerged victorious in the June 5 primary elections and face no opponent in next week’s general election.
As of Thursday morning, November 1, the Sierra County Clerk’s office tallied a total of 1,988 in-person/absentee ballots and had received another 443 absentee ballots by mail. With two full days left in the absentee voting process, Sierra County Clerk Connie Greer confirmed that this year’s election would mark the largest number of absentee ballots her office has yet to encounter.
Greer told the Sentinel that “presidential elections always bring more citizens to the polls.” She said that approximately 28-percent of Sierra County’s registered voters had taken advantage of absentee or early voting opportunities in the 2008 general election. However, with approximately 7,990 voters registered in Sierra County for this year’s election, the tally of early votes has already eclipsed the 30-percent mark.
The Sierra County Clerk noted he…..