EB Tax Hike Reminder

By: GPK Media

During his report at the October 17 city council meeting, Elephant Butte City Manager Alan Briley issued a brief statement reminding property owners within the city to expect to see a significant increase on the new property tax bills now being issued by Sierra County.

Briley reminded councilors of the board’s past decision to impose an available 2-mil increase in community property taxes for the expressed purpose of funding future infrastructure improvements.

The city manger explained that the 2-mil increase would amount to approximately $110,000 in annual revenue and bring the city’s share of property taxes to approximately 4.5-mils in total. Briley also estimated the new measure would be likely to add $66 to the annual taxes due on a house/property valued at $100,000 in Elephant Butte.

For more information about the property tax increase for Elephant Butte citizens, contact the city’s administrative offices, 103 Water Street, or call 744-4892.